Harris County Unpaid Traffic Tickets

A Lebanese driver argues with a traffic

Below is a quote from a blog article that talks about unpaid traffic tickets.  Please make a comment about the link and include any information on how Capitol Bail Bonds would check to see if you have unpaid traffic tickets.

Hi there my husband and I both have unpaid traffic tickets mine are from about a year ago and my husband has two one from about a year and one from 8 months ago. The one from 8 months ago my husband lost the ticket and doesn’t have any clue where we were when he got the ticket. IS there a number or a website you can go to to find out where you have outstanding tickets and how to pay them? I don’t want either of us getting arrested and we need to take care of this. thanks so much

You can call the local DPS office and get this information on unpaid traffic tickets, or you can call Capitol Bail Bonds and we will be happy to assist you on any unpaid traffic tickets you or a family member may have. All we need is the full name and DOB of the defendant and we will be able to pull up any unpaid tickets in the Harris County area.

At that time we can post a non arrest bond and get a new court date set for you in order to left the warrant and help you clear up the situation.

Call Capitol Bail Bonds at 281-228-1000 located at 607 Houston in downtown Houston Texas 77007. Our staff will be happy to assist you in this matter. There is no reson to worry another minute we are waiting on your call.