How do you know if you have a warrant in Harris County

Below is a quote from a blog article that talks about arrest warrants.  Please make a comment about the link and include any information on how Capitol Bail Bonds would check to see if you have an arrest warrant.

When a government issues a warrant for your arrest, they want to locate you and make sure you pay your fine or conduct whatever business is waiting for you in the courts.

If you have a warrant in Harris County it could be for several reasons. Not appearing in court,  and unpaid traffic tickets are two of the most common reasons. Call Capitol Bail Bonds and give us the proper information which would be your name and DOB we can then enter the information into the system and pull up any open warrants.

If there is a warrant we can post a bond to help you take care of any situation. This is called a non-arrest bond and if the defendant is in jail we can post a bond as well that will expedite the proceedings to get them out of jail.

Call Capitol Bail Bonds located at 607 Houston Ave downtown Houston, Texas across from the city jail. We will be happy to help you locate this information in a few short minutes and be on the way to helping you post the necessary bond to get you a new court date. There is no need to worry any longer our friendly staff are willing, and able to assist you.



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