How Bail Bonds work in Harris County

How does a bail bond work? At Capitol Bail Bonds we make it easy for you to make a bail bond, First we need to determine the size of the bond, and in order to do that we need the defendant’s information. Name and DOB after that we run the information and start a bonding process. The charge is 10 % of the bond which if the bond is $2,000.00 the charge is $200.00.

The defendant needs a co-signer which is someone in good standing, has been employed at the same place of employment for several years, and is willing to take the responsibility to co- sign and guarantee the defendant will be in court and take care of his/her responsibility until the process is complete. At Capitol bail bonds we go the extra step to make this a simple as we can during a time when the defendant and the family is under a large amount of stress. This is the way a bail bonds works we are available  24/7 to service you.

Please contact Capitol Bail Bonds for further details on any size bond, some restrictions do apply.

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