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Harris County Bail Bonds

Capitol Bail Bonds offers Harris County bail bonds. The bail bond agents at Capitol Bail Bonds have been providing Harris County bail bonds for over 20 years. If you have never arranged Harris County bail bonds before, you can count on our experience to guide you through the process.

Our Harris County bail bonds process is fast and courteous. When a defendant needs a bond, they can call our licensed bail bond agents for assistance with arranging a bail bond. The defendant can come into our office and make a non-arrest bond or if the defendant is in jail, a qualified friend or family member can arrange the bail bond for them.

Capitol Bail Bonds has grown into an agency that is able to provide speedy and professional bonding services throughout Harris County. Paperwork is quickly processed so defendants are released as soon as possible. If financial arrangements are a concern for you, we offer several bail payment plans, usually without collateral.

Once the premium and, if required, collateral is arranged, the bail agent promptly completes the bond for posting. Upon acceptance of the bond, the facility begins the process to release the defendant with the condition that they will appear at all scheduled hearings.

Capitol Bail Bonds is located in Texas. We have been processing Harris County bail bonds for over 20 years. We are open for Harris County 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can post Harris County bail bonds from anywhere in the United States.

Capitol Bail Bonds
Houston: 713-228-1000
Harris County: 713-228-0000

Southeast Command
@ Mykawa:

Toll Free: 877-228-8444
Fax: 713-228-1225

When Time Matters
Q. How long does it take?
A. Most bonds take less than
15 minutes!

Located across for the Houston City jail, we
make obtaining a bail bond easy. In Houston,
bail bond companies should provide a variety
of ways to make bonding convenient.

When Location Matters

When You Have Questions
Q. Where are they located?
A. We can find your loved one immediately    
via computer!

In Houston, arranging bail for a loved one can be
tedious and troublesome. This is why at Capitol
Bail Bonds, we work hard for a smooth,
efficient release.

When You Need Help

Remember, you don't have to be a criminal to be
arrested, so keep our number handy at all times.
Call our toll free number, and speak directly to
a bondsman today!